We are currently raising money for a new roof and accessible walkway! Checkout our Gofundme!

You can also financially support us through Patreon, Square, or Venmo:

This project is run by a collective of unpaid volunteers who work to maintain and run the space while upholding principles of anti-oppression, collective management, mutual accountability, community resilience, and environmental consciousness. 

While the Old Theater Building has been around since the 1930’s, the Graycoast Guildhall was founded in 2018. Even with a long, quiet Covid-19 interlude, the Guildhall has already hosted many music events and other performances, meetings and gatherings, dances, movie nights, and more! It serves as a much needed space on the Olympic Peninsula to generate and nourish radical and DIY arts, culture, organizing, and resistance.

This project is only possible with the help and support of many people, and your donations help us keep the space open, and tackle the many (MANY) improvements our old building needs – such as a new roof, ADA accessible walkway and entrance, insulation and soundproofing, building out artist studios upstairs, and so much more. 

There are many ways to donate! Click one of the buttons above to make a one-time donation on Venmo, or become a monthly community supporter on Patreon! If you are interested in making a larger donation or sending us a check, get in touch!

In-Kind Donations

In addition to your money, we would also love your stuff! Our wish list is below. If you are interested in donating any of these items (in usable or fix-up-able condition) please get in touch!

[ ] XLR cables

[ ] Mic stands

[ ] Microphones

[ ] Functioning wood stove, size large to extra large, wood stove accoutrements (brush, shovel, ash bucket etc.)

[ ] Wooden siding

[ ] Metal roofing

[ ] Electric kettle

[ ] Clapboards

[ ] Internal paneling (for interior walls)

[ ] Movie screen

[ ] Big velvet curtains or any huge curtains/drapes

[ ] Pulleys and rope

[ ] Floor sander and pads

[ ] Paint sprayer

[ ] Paint and painting supplies

[ ] Lumber

[ ] Fasteners